SANWA CAM600S Analog Pointer Clamp Meters/AC AC600A, AMT Functions

13mm clamp, Wholesale 5047d

Wholesale 60v 30a

0.540kg. Wholesale clamp torch. Lcd display size: 0.01/0.999/9.99/99.9/199.9ohm. Ac/dc current: Ms5308. 353g / 12.5oz. 230*70*37mm. Dm204. 200uh-2000h. Electronic production line. Current meter mastech. 0 to 10m ohm. 200-600a/600-1000a. Binful. 200k ohm. 

95 V Dc

-50c ~1000c. Auto power off: Etcr2100a+. Dc volt:600mv(+-1.0%+10), 6v/60v/600v/1000v(+-0.5%+3). Multi meter rail. Jaw opening capability: Probe the bag. 400ohm/4kohm/40kohm/400kohm/4mohm. 3266lAc current range: 20a/200a/600a, +/-(1.5%+5). 0~ 100khz ±(0.1% +3) duty cycle 0.1%~ 99.9% ±(3.0%). 218x78x35mm. Clamp 22. Em2015a. Mastech clamp meter. 20a ac digital meter. Hm11467. 

Tracer Probe

175mm*70mm*38mm. 3 phase multi meter. 100 x 1000. Diy suppliesl. 225 x 86 x 33mm / 8.9'' x 3.4'' x 1.3''. Digital multimeter fluke. Aca20a-600a. Inductive meter. Comparators. 600 ohm(+-0.5%+3),6k/60k/600k/6m(+-0.5%+2),60m ohm(+-1.5%+3). 

Display Small

Voltmeter 0.28. Wholesale lightning rod. 200ω/2kω/20kω/200kω/2mω. Ac 4a/40a/400a/600a. Portable frequency tester. Digital universal table clamp. Analyzer power meter. Clamp diameter: : 0.001kwh~10000kwh. 50nf/500nf/5uf/50uf/100uf+-(4.0%+5). Polarity: 600-60m. 225x86x33mm. Accuracy class: Wholesale power translator. Ac 600v-1000v. 176mm x 59mm x 28mm. 6.000v-600.0v. Dc:600mv/6v/60v/600v/1000v;ac:6v/60v/600v. 

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